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Personal Injury Services Offered

Personal Injury   includes the following: wrongful death, auto accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents,  brain/head injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, toxic torts, premises liability, dog bites, nursing home abuse, and class actions.  Our medical experts provide the following services in personal injury cases.  Medical Opinions Associates’ medical experts review medical records to provide medical witness expertise in personal injury cases.  

Medical records

  • Medical Opinions Associates will request all pertinent medical records for review, including the latest medical examination.  The latter should detail the injuries in question and assess the claimant’s condition at the time of examination. The medical information must reflect the injuries in question, what effect the injuries have had on the claimant’s life (limitations, etc.), what medications have become necessary, and what level of pain/discomfort the claimant continues to experience. Objective evaluation
    • Medical Opinions’ physician experts thoroughly review and analyze all medical material for validity of causation issues as well as assessment of damages.  Our experts provide valuable insight and objective evaluation, including detailed explanations of the medical basis for their findings. 
    • The physician expert will review medical examination reports as well as assess any relevant pre-accident medical history, including treatment received and present condition, dealing with such issues as prognosis for improvement and capacity for work.  The expert will assess the extent of the injuries and establish the extent and duration of any continuing disability, including impact on daily living.  The expert also will address the level of resulting suffering or inconvenience and, to the extent possible, when or if the complaint or disability is likely to resolve.

      Medical report

      • The resulting report serves as evidence that will be relied on in determining the compensation that is due for personal injuries. As such, claimants will be required to confirm the accuracy of medical reports to the Court. 

        Litigation support (post-report)

        • Medical Opinions Associates provides medical experts for court testimony.
        • If the representing attorneys are unable to satisfactorily negotiate a settlement, legal proceedings will begin in County Court.  Generally, the initiation of legal proceedings is viewed as a last resort and the Court will insist that all reasonable attempts have been made to negotiate the claim before the suit proceeds.
        • Medical experts are seen by the Court as independent evaluators and their primary duty is to assist the Court with objective evidence.  This obligation overrides all other duties, including that owed to the claimant for whom the report was prepared.  Points of clarification are to be resolved with the medical expert during report preparation.
        • Generally, physicians have expertise in one specialty – they cannot serve as experts in all specialties. Accordingly, depending on the nature of the injuries, claimants may need more than one medical expert.

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