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Medical-Surgical Experts

Medical Opinions Associates, Inc. has medical, surgical, and other experts who will support your action from record review through trial testimony.  Our medical expert witnesses are Board-certified in their specialty and in active clinical practice.  Medical Opinions' medical experts are carefully screened.  Your medical expert will have the edge if he/she is a Medical Opinions Associates medical expert. 

It is not possible to overstate the importance of the medical expert opinion in medical malpractice cases.   In many states, they are statutorily required for any case to succeed.  Medical Opinions Associates knows from long experience that once the trial court has determined the competency of the medical expert, the jury is left to assess the credibility of any medical expert witness testimony.  Medical Opinions Associates is very aware that the qualifications of any medical expert are very closely associated with the impact of testimony.  That is, the testimony of a medical expert witness who can point to significant professional credentials often can ensure the jury’s belief and confidence in the opinion rendered.   Since both sides will often have medical experts offering contradictory testimony regarding the occurrence of medical malpractice, it often comes down to whose testimony is the most credible. When medical facts are in dispute, the qualifications of the medical expert become most relevant in whose interpretation of the facts is accepted.

This is why Medical Opinions Associates evaluates the qualifications of all prospective medical expert witnesses to consider clinical competence, academic credentials, professional affiliations, and publications, licensure, and awards.  We also consider the communication skills of the medical expert.  How well does the medical expert write and how effectively does he/she present arguments?  Are factual presentations well-organized and complete?

Most jurisdictions require any medical expert to have a familiarity with the care and treatment of the illness or injury in question.  That is not good enough for Medical Opinions Associates.  Medical Opinions Associates will seek to find a medical expert with practical knowledge of the very medical issue under consideration.  Ideally, the medical expert witness will have diagnosed or treated patients for the medical matters at issue. 

Below is a partial list of medical expert specialties . Contact  Arthur Fine at 800.874.7677

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