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Medical Opinions Associates provides the most complete medical expert review services in the industry from initial consultation through trial testimony. We always follow the process steps below to ensure you receive the best medical expert support throughout our relationship:

1) Data Gathering/Record Review: The Medical Opinions Associates medical expert reviews all available hospital medical records , physician records, x-rays, depositions, affidavits, and any other pertinent data to compare what actually happened with appropriate and applicable standards of care. The medical expert looks for indications of a causal connection between the deviation from the standard and the injury to the patient.

We immediately forward the medical records to the reviewing medical expert and provide his Curriculum Vitae. In about 10 working days, we will notify you as to the medical expert’s findings. Expedited service is available .

2) Opinion Letter : Should the medical expert determine that there has been a deviation from the applicable standards of care, Medical Opinions Associates provides an opinion letter for the medical malpractice tribunal or for other settlement proceedings. The opinion letter is signed by the reviewing medical expert.

Medical Opinions Associates does not limit its responsibility to simply locating a medical expert, as do other medical malpractice services. We guarantee that the reviewing medical expert is the one who signs the opinion letter.

3) Continuing Support : Our medical expert witnesses will support your case through discovery, deposition, and trial testimony, if necessary. We do not support non-meritorious cases because to do so is not in anyone's interest. This ensures the opportunity to avoid further expenditures in cases with little potential for success.

During pre-trial preparation, should the primary reviewer determine that further review is required by someone in another medical specialty, we will also advise and make available the expert(s) we determine to be most appropriate to provide the expert witness service.

Medical Opinions Associates features “cost clarity”. That is, review fees are quoted in advance and are all-inclusive . First, we locate a physician expert with the appropriate qualifications. He/she then reviews and evaluates the medical records and documents the findings in an opinion letter. You do not pay one fee for referral, another fee for physician case evaluation, and yet another for the opinion letter – sometimes to three different experts. You and your client know up front what the total cost will be to advance settlement proceedings. Medical Opinions Associates has reasonable and competitive fees based on the medical specialty and complexity. There are no contingency fees of any kind.

Medical Opinions Associates – the leader in providing Board-certified medical experts for all your medical malpractice and personal injury litigation needs.


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